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Matthews Asia categorises all its UCITS funds to SFDR article 8 and 9

Reclassification of six UCITS funds to Article 8 under the EU Sustainable Finance Disclosure / Regulation (“SFDR”) means the firm’s UCITS fund range is now fully sustainable

Matthews Asia has categorized its remaining six UCITS funds to Article 8 under the EU SFDR. This conversion ensures that all its UCITS Funds will incorporate and promote environmental and social characteristics. The six UCITS funds that have been categorised as Article 8 under SFDR regulations are:

  • Matthews India Fund
  • Matthews Asia Small Companies Fund
  • Matthews China Small Companies Fund
  • Matthews Asia Dividend Fund
  • Matthews China Dividend Fund
  • Matthews Asia Innovative Growth Fund

Effective today, Matthews’ UCITS Funds encompass 14 Article 8 funds and an Article 9 fund (Matthews Asia Sustainable Future Fund) under SFDR.

Matthews considers the formal classification of these Funds as Article 8 a natural step in the evolution of its fundamentally driven investment and risk management process which includes consideration of material non-financial business factors. The Funds seek to promote environmental and social characteristics, while adhering to an activity and norms-based screening policy, and actively engaging with companies where appropriate.

These changes also reflect Matthews’ deep expertise in sustainable investing in Emerging Markets, Asia and China. Our company analysis has always included a focus on understanding the sustainability of revenues, cash flows and profits—factors that many investors consider to be a core component of sustainable, compounding investments. The firm first launched a dedicated Asia Sustainable strategy in 2015, and has continued to build out its investment and analytical resources. This includes the addition of a responsible investment and stewardship team based in San Francisco and Hong Kong with dedicated on-the-ground sustainability analysts, as well as significant investments in training, systems, process improvements and oversight.

Cooper Abbott, CEO: “The evolution of our sustainable fund range underscores our commitment to deliver investment results while providing responsible, innovative and forward-thinking investment solutions to our clients.  By incorporating material, non-financial business factors such as sustainability, Matthews continues our history of being responsible stewards of investor capital and responds to a growing demand for responsible investment options for Emerging Markets, Asia and China.”

Kathlyn Collins, VP, Head of Responsible Investment and Stewardship: “Companies that prioritize sustainability may be more resilient, adaptable and better equipped to thrive in a rapidly changing global landscape. By factoring in sustainability considerations, investors may contribute to building a more sustainable and equitable future while potentially safeguarding their portfolios against emerging risks associated with climate change, social issues and governance challenges. In addition, our investment universe spans many geographies at different stages of development, where sustainability issues are complex and evolving concepts. We believe our proprietary ESG research and active approach is key to identifying profitable and sustainable business models in these markets.”

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