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How digital communication can help you to get a better brand awareness and direct customer acquisition

The question “If you’re not in front of the client, how do you make sure that you are even in the conversation?” has become essential for salespeople over the past two years. The answer is “digital communication”: creating and marketing high-quality content in digital formats are key to raising awareness of one’s brand, attracting new clients and retaining existing ones, even if face-to-face presence is not required anymore.

What smaller asset managers in particular need to look out for to make themselves heard in the crush of all those social media posts and webinars, Hagen Gerle explains in the following article for FondsTrends, the information platform of Hauck & Aufhäuser Fund Services PricewaterhouseCoopers Luxembourg and CURE Intelligence about current and future-oriented trends and topics in the fund business.

There really are still some new asset managers who think they can get a personal appointment with the investor’s board in these times,” a sales expert told me on the phone the other day. The complaint sounds familiar to salespeople: Some investment houses still hope to continue their old model, i.e.: participation in investment conferences and personal visits to investors and distribution partners all over the country. But those days are gone.

The alternative, which also seems to have arrived in asset management, is called digital communication. However, in order to be noticed in the throng of social media posts, videos, webinars and online conferences, smaller investment houses in particular need to pay attention to three points: Focusing on a target group, addressing this clientele with relevant content and using fewer but the right channels.


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