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GFC Podcast episode 9: DWS, greenwashing and deceptive calm

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What about the accusations of “greenwashing” against the German investment giant DWS? Why is German asset management, when it comes to ESG, in some cases significantly behind the international competition? And is much of the talk about sustainability in investment just hoax or (bad) marketing? I talked about this (and other related topics) with Jan Wagner, freelance financial journalist in Frankfurt/Main and expert on asset management and banking topics, and Christina Böck, partner at the international strategy consultancy for asset managers, INDEFI, for the new episode of my GFC (not the ‘Global Financial Crisis’) podcast.

This podcast is in German only.

FONDS professionell: Target missed – PRIIPs are not transparent and incomprehensible

At the start of 2018, the new PRIIPs regulation will come into effect – but it’s far from being perfect. In this exclusive article (in German only) for the German financial trade publication Fonds professionell online, Anke Limbach of management consulting firm Concedro, Peter Clouth of law firm Clouth & Partner and Hagen Gerle of Gerle Financial Communications have summarised the main points of critisicm about PRIIPs.

upgrade! 02/2017: Two mammoth regulations are waiting for the funds industry

MiFID II and the investment tax reform – there are two mammoth regulations waiting for the German funds industry at the beginning of 2018. The cover story of the latest issue of upgrade!, Universal-Investment‘s magazine for its funds partner, deals with the effects of the two regulations for funds sales and investment companies. Once more, Gerle Financial Communications was entrusted by Universal-Investment to do investment writing and editing for the magazine.


PRIIPs: There’s something seriously wrong with communications if the information document contains a comprehension alert

The acronym may sound quite onomatopoetic and leave the impression of speed – in reality, the upcoming introduction of “PRIIPs” for the investment and insurance industry has more than just one catch to it. The most severe critic is that the new basic information documents for Packaged Retail Investment and Insurance Products lack the qualities for which they are supposed to be launched: transparency, comparability and, most of all, comprehensibility. A joint article by Anke Limbach, Concedro, and Hagen Gerle, Gerle Financial Communications. This article is only available in German.