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Investment writing: How fund managers can demystify financial jargon

Be it MiFID II or PRIIPS, the growing complexity of investment products and their regulation, calls for a new approach to communication. In a by-lined article for FondsTrends, the newsletter of Hauck & Aufhäuser Fund Services S.A., Ross Hunter, Copylab, and Hagen Gerle, Gerle Financial Communications, explain how professional investment writing can help fund managers to communicate more efficiently with their investors. Read the whole article (in German) here.

PRIIPs: There’s something seriously wrong with communications if the information document contains a comprehension alert

The acronym may sound quite onomatopoetic and leave the impression of speed – in reality, the upcoming introduction of “PRIIPs” for the investment and insurance industry has more than just one catch to it. The most severe critic is that the new basic information documents for Packaged Retail Investment and Insurance Products lack the qualities for which they are supposed to be launched: transparency, comparability and, most of all, comprehensibility. A joint article by Anke Limbach, Concedro, and Hagen Gerle, Gerle Financial Communications. This article is only available in German.

Risk & Compliance: Financial communication in an ever riskier investment world

The website “Risk & Compliance Platform Europe” is, since its launch in 2014, a trans boundary interactive platform for all professionals working in the field of risk and compliance, both in the financial world as well as in the corporate environment. It publishes in five languages (German, English, French, Dutch and Italian). In its latest newsletter Risk & Compliance published the by-lined article by Hagen Gerle, Gerle Financial Communications, and Ross Hunter, Copylab, about “Financial communication in an ever riskier investment world” (German version only).

Smarter financial communication in a more sophisticated world

The growing complexity of alternative investment products, and their regulation, calls for a new approach to communication. The customer needs ‘investment speak‘ to be demystified. And fund managers need to condense and convey their technical knowledge. To achieve these goals – especially when switching from one language into another – companies have to be able to transcreate their content, not simply translate it. Ross Hunter, founder and CEO of the British investment writing company Copylab, co-operation partner of Gerle Financial Communications, explains in the following article how that is going to work. Continue Reading