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GFC Podcast episode 5: “Digital marketing – asset managers’ sales’ best friend in these times”

Digital Marketing, virtual investment conferences and the question: LinkedIn or TikTok? This is how you could describe the topic of the 5th episode of GFC (not the ‘Global Financial Crisis’) Podcast. How do investment companies draw attention to themselves when they can no longer meet and advise their clients face-to-face? How is the relationship between Sales (they were the topic of the last GFC Podcast) and Marketing of asset and wealth managers changing? I talk about this, traditional strategies and new tools and about the fundamental upcoming regulation on cookies with Patrick Ide, Managing Director of GrndWorX in The Hague, and Alexandra von Kalnein, Managing Director of Natango Invest in Frankfurt am Main. This podcast is in English. Here you can find the whole interview with Patrick and Alexandra in English as a PDF.

Duration of the podcast: 22:16 min.


GFC Podcast episode 4: Challenging times for Third Party Marketers

How laborious institutional fund distribution has become in times of Coronavirus and lockdown, and which conclusions can be drawn from this for the future – that’s the topic of the new 4th episode of GFC (not the ‘Global Financial Crisis’) Podcast. And this time it’s completely in English. I’ve spoken to four Third Party Marketers, external sales consultants, who have been selling funds for a number of asset managers in the German speaking market (D-A-CH) and Luxembourg for decades: Natango Invest and bavi consulting (Bavicon) in the Frankfurt area, Multi Boutique Marketers (MBMs) in Luxembourg and London based Bohanan Ltd. Their verdict: No personal meetings, no pitches for new mandates and much longer investment processes – it’s been tough times and this is going to stay for a while … (original interview as a PDF).

GFC Podcast episode 3: The commission cap, EU taxonomy and long hair in lockdown

The new, third episode of GFC (not the ‘Global Financial Crisis’) Podcast is about financial market regulation, the still threatening commission cap for life insurance and the EU taxonomy (and long hair). Original statements can be heard from opponents and supporters of the commission cap – members of the German Bundestag Carsten Brodesser (CDU) and Frank Schäffler (FDP), Dr. Peter Schwark of the Association of the German Insurers (GDV), Norman Wirth, Brokers’ Association AfW, and Axel Kleinlein of the German Association of the Insured (BdV). In addition, an interview with consultant Anke Limbach (Limbach Consulting) – management consultant and specialist for the implementation of complex organisational projects in the securities investment sector – on the EU taxonomy for sustainable investments … and why this is likely to become an even greater degree of coordination than MiFID 2.

Unfortunately, it’s all in German …

GFC Podcast episode 2: The biggest hurdles for foreign fund managers on the German market

What are the biggest challenges for foreign investment companies in Germany? And why are German institutional investors not as special in some things as they sometimes believe – but in others they are? This is the topic of the second episode of GFC (not the ‘Global Financial Crisis’) Podcast. To this end, I announce the results of a survey we recently published on this topic and interview Christina Boeck, partner at the international strategy consultancy INDEFI. We talk about why even large established investment companies from abroad sometimes find it difficult to do business in the Federal Republic of Germany, and how foreign fund companies can best prepare themselves for entering the very fragmented German market. Unfortunately, everything is only in German …

Survey: The biggest hurdles for foreign asset managers in Germany

Specific customer requirements, fund-related regulation and access to distribution partners are the biggest challenges for foreign investment companies in the German market – or at least they were until the Coronavirus lockdown began. The highest personal hurdle for employees and service providers of investment companies was, until recently, the fact that Germany is highly decentralised and has many different financial centres. These are the key findings of the survey “Which hurdles do foreign fund managers have to overcome in the German market?, which was initiated by the specialised communications consultancy Gerle Financial Communications (GFC). Please find the complete results of the survey in this English press release (PDF file). Continue Reading

Survey: The hurdles foreign fund companies have to overcome on the German market

The German fund market is and remains interesting for foreign fund managers, and their number is increasing. But what difficulties do investment companies and their employees from neighbouring European countries or overseas face when entering the market? A new survey by Gerle Financial Communications (GFC) is intended to shed some light on this. Germany remains attractive as a market for foreign investment companies: more and more asset managers are moving to Frankfurt, Munich or the Rhine-Ruhr region. While the number of non-German investment companies in Germany was 28 at the end of 2002, according to the financial supervisory authority BaFin and the BVI industry association there are now more than 700 foreign asset managers operating between Flensburg and Passau. Continue Reading

universal spotlight: a new magazine for the company anniversary

universal spotlight is a new customer magazine from Universal-Investment which is aiming at institutional clients as well as fund initiators, with whom the now third-largest investment company on the German market cooperates. The first edition was also an anniversary edition, as “UI” has only turned 50. Gerle Financial Communications was jointly responsible for the concept, editing and text of this universal spotlight.

upgrade! 02/2017: Two mammoth regulations are waiting for the funds industry

DruckMiFID II and the investment tax reform – there are two mammoth regulations waiting for the German funds industry at the beginning of 2018. The cover story of the latest issue of upgrade!, Universal-Investment‘s magazine for its funds partner, deals with the effects of the two regulations for funds sales and investment companies. Once more, Gerle Financial Communications was entrusted by Universal-Investment to do investment writing and editing for the magazine.


upgrade! 01/2017: Focus on digitisation and AI

Digitisation and Artificial Intelligence are changing the financial industry fundamentally. The funds sector feels the growing impact of mobile communication, social networks and neural pattern recognition in its daily routine, as well. „Technology“ and the other drivers that move the asset management scene – e.g. the growing investment pressure for institutional investors, the rising supply for alternative investments and the expansion of the traditional bond universe – are in the centre of the latest edition of upgrade!, the client magazine of Universal-Investment. Once again, Gerle Financial Communications has taken on the editorial service for the publication.

upgrade 01/2016: What makes real assets so attractive?

Investments in so-called „Real Assets“, are highly in favour among investors, politics and the Regulators alike. The main reason for that is that this specific form of investments e.g. in wind farms, energy management systems and motorways – is not only longterm orientated but it also offers stable returns in times of low yields. However, for fund initiators who want to launch their own real asset fund, there are some administrative and regulatory requirements to look out for. There’s more to read in the cover story of the latest version of upgrade!, the client magazine of Universal-Investment, which is editorially overseen by Gerle Financial Communications since 2010.