Hazelview Investments: Global REITs can achieve 12-15 per cent returns in 2022 with these real estate investments

Hazelview Investments expects annualized returns of 12-15% for the Global Public Real Estate Securities Market in 2022. This is according to the latestet “2022 Global Public Real Estate Outlook Report” which the investment manager has published now.

“The potential for rent increases in most real estate markets is the highest it has been in over a decade. REITs are able to pass along cost increases resulting in a boost to revenues,” said Claudia Reich Floyd, portfolio manager and Head of Hazelview’s German office. “We anticipate that earnings growth will be the primary performance driver in 2022.”

Property types like logistics in North America, US residential homes, European office REITs, data centers in Japan and Singapore and cell towers should specifically benefit from increases in market rents. They therefore make up Hazelview’s top five investment opportunities for 20022.