GFC Podcast Episode 8: Vegan piglet farming – and how to dispel ESG myths

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ESG up and down – not a week goes by without some financial provider launching a supposedly sustainable fund, unit-linked insurance policy, ETF or property with the three magic letters in its name. With so much (over)supply – and standards only gradually developing – transparency is key. Based on the observation of how much uncertainty currently prevails in the ESG world, among investors and providers alike, Nicolas Schild and Paula Singliarova from the German-British investment house Arabesque Asset Management launched an unusual newsletter in the summer of 2020: it is entitled “Arabesque’s Weekly Dose of ESG“, questions buzz words and headlines on the basis of data-supported facts, and is sent as personalised emails to 500 interested readers in Germany, Switzerland and the UK so far. Nicolas Schild explains in this interview with GFC (not the ‘Global Financial Crisis’) Podcast why the newsletter asks the same three questions every week, why it is not integrated into Arabesque’s Corporate Communications and what vegan piglet farming has to do with it.

This podcast is in German. Length of the podcast: 13:54 minutes.