GFC Podcast episode 6: The British financial industry post Brexit

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The British financial industry post Brexit: Hoping for equivalence – or move to the EU straight away? That is the topic of the latest, 6th episode of GFC (not the ,Global Financial Crisis‘) Podcast. The Brexit deal announced by the British government and the EU Commission on Christmas Eve largely excludes services – and with it the powerful British financial services industry with its immense share in economic output, tax revenue and employment. Especially for the British fund industry, which manages by its own record more than GBP 8.5 trillion in assets, a treaty with the EU about the future of financial services post Brexit is essential. However, the European Union doesn’t seem to be in a hurry with that … and every day without an agreement drives more business, firms, and staff to Europe – and unsettles British investment managers increasingly. You can find more information in our article in German or English.

This podcast is in German.

Length of this podcast: 14:20 min.